Ideas for Gardening with Recycled Item

Ideas for Gardening with Recycled Item

Put on your creative thinking cap and take that pile of rubbish to construct something wonderful for the garden. Don’t waste your money at a nursery or a garden waste sale! You can just create your own works of art or useful outdoor products with all your recycled scrap materials lying around. All your hard work will end with positive results for the environment, landfills, and your beautiful yard.

Not to mention, it makes you feel like you’re the Picasso of the garden.

Don’t be nervous if you think you don’t have the artistic ability. The great news here, you just can’t do it wrong. This article is designed to help you come up with ideas for gardening with only recycled materials. Use the following ideas as the basic concept and feel the freedom to create. Forget those garden clearance sales and show off your artistic abilities. Get motivated today and mother earth will thank you forever.

1. Plastic Materials and Plastic Bottles

The standard PET plastic that most bottles are constructed is the extremely versatile material. It’s actually a strong opaque material while being resilient, food safe and completely flexible for easy fabrication.

  • Vertical gardens Vertical Gardens
    Are you limited by backyard space? No problem. Just take your garden vertical! Plastic bottles make for a creative way to recycle your plastic material. Your herbs will never taste better after you’ve taken them to the sky.
  • Parking Canopys Parking Canopy
    Looking for that monster DIY recycling project? Perfect! Let’s take it to the next
  • Bird Feeder Bird Feeder
    If you’re a lover of our little wing feathered flyers then you’ll definitely have use for a few bird feeders in the yard.

2. Wooden Materials

You will be surprised how many pallets you’ll find out there. Especially if you’ve recently completed a home renovation or about to embark on a nice renovation project. Save those pallets! With a little TLC, and garden clearance, pallets can make that eclectic addition to any outdoor space.

  • Yard Furniture Yard Furniture
    Sky’s the limit for this project. If you have pallets then let your imagination go to work and hear your creative side soar. Simply sanding back with an coat of natural wood stain to create that more rustic look is fantastic option too. It’s your yard- it’s your call. Just have fun with this project.
  • Compost Bin Compost Bin
    The perfect double headed recycling monster. One side your recycling pallets, the other side your food scraps by create that pungent, rich, healthy organic soil your garden loves so much.

3. Glass and Rubber Materials

Recycled glassware and rubber products can be affective, practical and decorative when applied to your outdoor living areas. Install the textures, color and styles you love to your yard including creative construction and lighting options.

  • Glass Bottle Walls/Barriers Glass Bottle Walls/Barriers
    Another large project that can be your outdoor master piece or simple barrier wall. If you have the desire, you can create wonder works that will leave you and your guest in a constant state of amazement.