How To Design A Vertical Garden

vertical garden

Homes with garden space are becoming more and more expensive. That is why you may find yourself short of horizontal space to practice your gardening skills.
Vertical gardens present the best solution in such a scenario. They fix the problem of lacking enough space in a genius manner. In addition to that, gardening experts point out two more notable benefits - you can plant a vertical garden to cover a bad looking wall or put your gardening skills to the test. Regardless of your motives, a vertical garden is a great feature. Here is how you build one:

  • Choose a wall - generally, you want to hide an ugly wall. Depending on the amount of sunlight it receives, you should pick plants accordingly.
  • Create a frame - the basic vertical garden structure features three layers: fabric, plastic sheets and a frame. It is best to build it directly on the wall, as it is easier. Metal makes a poor choice, as it is too heavy, while wood can trap water between it and the wall.
  • Attach plastic sheets - the main purpose of the plastic is to provide backing for the fabric as well as to isolate the water and keep it off the wall.
  • Attach the fabric - the fabric is what your plants will be living in. Proper garden care with sufficient watering dictates that it is a material that can hold water. It is best to use at least two layers of fabric attached to the frame.
  • Install an irrigation system - your plants need to be watered through an irrigation system, which provides moisture through the layers of fabric. A quick flow of water three to six times a day is enough for good plant care.
  • Add a fertiliser injector - no vertical garden is complete without a fertiliser injector, which is connected to the irrigation system.
  • Choose and insert plants - take into account factors like sun, humidity, shade, cold temperatures and wind before choosing your plants. Garden care will be that much easier when you select a type that best fits the local climate.

These are the mandatory steps you should follow when creating a vertical garden. Do that and you will have yourself a marvellous feature!