Ideas for Gardening with Recycled Item

Ideas for Gardening with Recycled Item

Put on your creative thinking cap and take that pile of rubbish to construct something wonderful for the garden. Don’t waste your money at a nursery or a garden waste sale! You can just create your own works of art or useful outdoor products with all your recycled scrap materials lying around. All your hard work will end with positive results for the environment, landfills, and your beautiful yard.

How To Design A Vertical Garden

vertical garden

Homes with garden space are becoming more and more expensive. That is why you may find yourself short of horizontal space to practice your gardening skills. Vertical gardens present the best solution in such a scenario. They fix the problem of lacking enough space in a genius manner. In addition to that, gardening experts point out two more notable benefits - you can plant a vertical garden to cover a bad looking wall or put your gardening skills to the test. Regardless of your motives, a vertical garden is a great feature. Here is how you build one:

The Beginner's Guide to Organic Gardening

organic gardening

If you have ever wanted to grow your own delicious fruits and vegetables and you finally have a garden plot for the task, it is time to put on your green sleeves and get down to it. Organic garden is probably the best thing to aim for. It involves eco-friendly garden care, which uses no strong chemical products, as those may end up in your food. It pays to grow organically at home, as buying such products usually costs a ton. If you are a beginner gardener, you will need some helpful tips on how to start your first garden:

Top 5 Climbing Plants for Fences and Trellis

climbing plants

If you have always had the feeling that your fences and trellis seem a little plain and pale, you should know there is an easy solution - climbing plants. They make a great addition as the support of the structure serves as their growing medium. Before you know it, you can have beautifully entwined climbers in your garden. Caring for climbing plants often doesn’t differ that much from the regular garden care you practice. However, you should provide adequate pruning in order to encourage your plants to grow quicker. If you are no gardening expert and you don’t know what plants to include in your garden, here are few suggestions: